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 Consummate Back End Professional: Ken Leib

After Miami of Ohio (1970) Ken started his professional career with one of the two largest U.S. insurance companies in terms of policyholders and assets at the time. That was over 45 years past. At that time, you were handed a rate book, some applications and forms, and basically fed to the wolves while learning at the “school of hard knocks” about marketing your services. I learned to market products that were not tangible, did not benefit people immediately unless they suffered some tragedy or lived a very long time. Most of the time people viewed you, as Dan Kennedy would say, the “annoying pest” instead of the “invited guest”. So, immediately, there’s a branding and reputation problem, isn’t there? So, what could I do to counter that? None of the following tools, that we take for granted now, were available at that time:

  •     The internet – Al Gore hadn’t invented it yet.

  •     Search engines

  •     Google, Yelp, other review sites did not exist

  •     Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and friends were not available yet

  •     Email and SMS

  •     Not even Fax Machines

  •     Not even Website 1.0

So, I used the tools that were available and became good at utilizing them. One built his book of business (my file of clients) with the following:

  • The Dreaded Cold Call

  • The Phone and the Phone Book

  • Newspapers –

    • guest articles

    • display advertising

    • community events

    • personal events

  • Chambers of Commerce, Rotary, Lions in place of social media

  • Research at county records offices

  • Direct Mail

  • Seminars in place of Webinars and Hangouts

  • The golf course

  • Special social events just for clients

All of those were used, of course, to generate leads to fill up what was then known as your “pipeline”. However, many of those tools also had the additional objectives of building relationships, credibility, education, and engagement.

  • Long term client relationships weren’t established with someone who backed the hearse up to the door.

  • Long term client relationships were established with a professional who could be trusted like you would trust your physician to diagnose the weaknesses in your financial plans and provide the right solutions to solidify your financial future.

  • More and more Prospects and Clients were nurtured and, ultimately, began identifying themselves because of that nurturing

Today, we have moved on from all of those primitive marketing strategies. Or, HAVE WE REALLY CHANGED ALL THAT MUCH? After all, the internet was invented by Al Gore decades ago. Today, we have all sorts of technology available for us to use in our businesses and personal lives as well.

I have a friend who maintains that “technology changes nothing. However, it improves everything.” He’s right!

  • All of the marketing strategies that we employed 45 or 50 years ago are used with today’s technologies. However, in place of “the dreaded cold call”, we get people to identify themselves to us with the “Marketing Funnel”

  • The very foundations of all marketing programs, their conversions and sales, throughout history are still  relationships

  • We can carry our computer, the internet, our telephone and our phone book in one place—on our hips or in our purses and 91% of us keep our phones within 3 feet of us 24/7, 365 days a year

  • We can even meet someone at a facility and play virtual golf during inclement weather while doing business at the same time.

  • We can put our messages in front of the people on any day of the week at any time from any place.

  • At any moment, we can reach as many people as have access to a computer, a tablet or a cell phone with your messages at the click of a finger. There are more cell phones in the world than there are people.

That is what I do. I put your messages in front of the right people at the right time and place and nurture them from beginning to end until your business gets a sale. This works so well that studies have been done which show that, on average, for every $1 invested in one of these strategies, consumers spend $44.52. You can see more statistics by reading the entire post at this link: Marketing Your Business Isn’t a Marathon! It’s an Ultra Marathon. I put systems and processes in place which will do this over and over again efficiently and effectively for your business.

If you would like to pursue this further and have questions, feel free to give me a call at any time. Or, you can give the Big Orange Button some love by clicking on it and responding to a few brief questions that will save us both time and provide me with a better understanding of your business.

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Ken Leib
Internet Marketing Expert
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