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80% of Content Created By Marketing Goes Unused by Sales (INFOGRAPHIC)

1246 marketing and sales professionals from a diverse array of industries and companies were interviewed in a study LinkedIn conducted jointly with The Content Marketing Institute reaching some incredible conclusions: 1) 80% of the content created by marketing departments goes unused by sales; and 2) 60% of those same professionals admit that the fragmentation existing […]

Facebook ads interview

Do Facebook Ads Really Work?

Cincinnati and Tri-State Businesses, I found this video interview of a business owner and entrepreneur in “This Week in Small Business” and thought this information could be helpful to many of you out there. The interview covers 3 items of interest for small business people, many of whom thirst for knowledge and help as often […]

Email Marketing: Tracked and Results-Oriented Marketing

What Will a Good Email Marketing Process Provide? If you are like most business owners, you want these things from your marketing programs: control, predictability, efficiency, and results that are PROVABLE with processes that can be automated, consistent, and persistent! What other forms of marketing, offline or online, provide all of those qualities? With email […]

Retailers Focus on Customer Experience and Lose It At the Same Time

Retailers Focus on Customer Experience and Lose It At the Same Time Charts like the one shown below just stun me. This is a chart from a report done by Econsultancy titled “The Retailer’s Imperative”. The idea of the study is to show how retailers view their understanding of the customer experience. It is extremely […]