Do Facebook Ads Really Work?

Cincinnati and Tri-State Businesses,

I found this video interview of a business owner and entrepreneur in “This Week in Small Business” and thought this information could be helpful to many of you out there. The interview covers 3 items of interest for small business people, many of whom thirst for knowledge and help as often as they can get it. The interview not only covers FB ads and their relevance to your bosses – your customers, clients, and patients – but also discusses the disconnect between marketing and sales which can cost many organizations much needed revenues. In addition, the interview reviews the use of virtual assistants. The interview itself is not that long – about 10 1/2 minutes, so click on the image below, glean some information from the video that plays,  and if I  or anyone on my team can be of any assistance to you, feel free to call 513-201-5275

Facebook ads interview



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