Why Small Business Blogging Is Important

Small Business Blogging is an essential, yet often overlooked marketing tactic. With all of the connection points that are seemingly required in order to market your business today, it can get confusing as to which one or two you should focus on. You may be asking whether or not you should focus your attention on the social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. Or you may feel as if you should focus your attention on your company website, making sure that all of the news, and information about your company is available to people who would be seeking it out.

Perhaps you’ve heard that it’s time for companies to make good use of video marketing, and so you’re wanting to put energy into creating online videos. And depending on your industry, you may have heard that it will help you to become an author, and so you have been wondering whether or not having a book on Amazon.com would help you in some way.

While all of those methods are viable for you to be able to reach your customer, you do need to have one central location that pulls in all of your online activities. In most cases, this will be your company blog. The blog can serve as a hub for your social media activity, your company activity, your e-mail collection point and even your online videos.

If a person wanted to go straight to the source instead of relying on the sometimes incomplete information they would get through your different interaction points, they should be able to find this information on your company blog.
Many business owners, when told that their blog should be the central hub for their activity, their reply is that they already have a website. They then question the need to have a second website or blog. However, a blog provides advantages that a company website typically cannot do.

While the company website has all formal and official information, including news and press releases, a blog is informal. While it may include official company information, it also includes the personal insights of the business owner, executives and staff.
It can introduce to the public certain products and services that have not yet been completed. It can also be a holding place for visual demonstrations of products, and services as they are in the development process.
Because the communication on a blog is more personal, it attracts people to your business when they are in different stages in the buying process. It allows consumers to get to know you before they consider whether or not your products or services can meet their needs.

It allows them to gain insight on what your company does as it carries out its particular mission. Therefore, it is important for a business to use the social media channels, video channels and even the personal website to publish information from the blog.
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