Marketing Your Business Isn’t a Marathon! It’s an ULTRA MARATHON!

Marketing Your Business Isn’t a Marathon! It’s an ULTRA MARATHON!

The other day I spotted an eBook cover titled “50 Ways to Boost Your Profits”. I did not download or read the book. I am sure that the author is a fine person working very hard who lists 50 ways to boost your profits. That is fine for what it does and you might have 50 ways to boost your profits. How many are working for you right now? Have you ever heard the song by Paul Simon, “50 Ways to Lose Your Lover”? If you never really implement any of those 50 ways to boost your profits, they become 50 ways to lose your shirt! More than likely, if you are always trying to implement some of those ways, you have become a slave to half-baked, semi-implemented marketing. Believe me! I have been there! Like drugs, that practice becomes a bad habit instead of a profit booster. This is a marketing straight jacket from which Houdini could not help you escape.

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Let me introduce you to TRUE BLUE, “OLD RELIABLE”!! Why do I call it “Old Reliable”? Because it is an Established System that puts Processes in place that are infinite, predictable, measurable, consistent and persistent. Why is that important? Because marketing your business is NOT a SPRINT! It is EVEN MORE THAN A MARATHON! Marketing your business is an


If you are a distance runner, then you know about ultra marathons. If you are not a runner or familiar with ultra marathons, they involve running distances sometimes several hundreds of miles in length under all types of conditions: deserts, mountains, variations of heat and cold. In fact, The Self-Transcendence 3100 is billed as the world’s longest footrace entailing a distance of 3100 miles (5649 laps—Talk about running around in circles). Participants have 52 days to complete the race on time. That’s an average of nearly 61 miles per day enduring Self-Transcendence-3100-Mile-Race-2012weather, blisters, foot and knee pain, hunger and thirst—and that’s the first day! Needless to say, it requires great preparation, determination, and a training plan that is consistent and often repeats itself.

If you asked me why runners do it, I’d tell you that it is because they love the challenge, and they love the sport. Many runners would ask the same question of business people and the answer better be because you love what you are doing because your ultra marathon does not last days or weeks. Marketing your business lasts many decades and often is a lifetime endeavor.

So, get on with it Ken! What is “Old Reliable”? “Old Reliable” is something at which I used to stick my nose up and look to other means and methods of marketing which, perhaps, were newer and did not seem to be as passé as email marketing. Then I discovered that email marketing that is automated properly, tracks and scores leads providing important data and measurables is a “Game-Changer”. It puts into place a system and processes that address a market that practically all businesses do not give enough attention to: the customers, clients or patients that already know the business and have done business with them in the past. AND it puts marketing to them on auto-pilot. Just look at the results for automated email marketing:

• For every $1 spent on email marketing, the average return is $44.25.(Source: emailexpert)
• When marketed through email, consumers spend 138% more than people who don’t receive email offers. (Forrester Research)
A recent study concluded that email is almost 40 times better at acquiring new customers than Facebook and Twitter. (Source: McKinsey & Company)
A 2013 study by Marketing Sherpa demonstrated its power by showing a 119% ROI for email marketing

Automated email marketing employs strategies that are flexible and tailored to your client’s, customer’s or patient’s interests, preferences and needs according to where they are in their relationship with your business. Once it is in motion, implemented properly, and your prospects and customers have entered their particular funnel, it is as close to hands-free marketing that you are going to get, AND it repeats itself over, over, and over again—ad infinitum.

Ken Leib
Master Back End Marketer
24/7 Hi Octane Marketing

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