Who Gets Custody of Your Children if Both Parents Die? You or the Courts?

Child CustodyOkay, you’re not Aretha Franklin with all of her millions of dollars, but COULD THIS happen to you? Aretha Franklin, with all of her millions and plenty of advisers, died intestate (without a will). End of life issues are not all about seniors, your money, and your assets. There are other important issues to consider. Who will be the legal guardians of your children? Their godparents? Think again!!! If you and your spouse pass without a will indicating who will be legal guardians for your children, the courts will decide, and you might not like the court’s decision. Are there relatives that you would not want to raise your children. It’s too late once the court decides. Costly and bitter legal battles may just follow. It’s like someone not carrying insurance on their home, and it burns to the ground. You can’t put out the fire and insurance doesn’t help then. Click on the image of the Supreme Court building below to read more!

supreme court building

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