Why Mobile SMS Marketing Is So Important To Your Business

Mobile SMS marketing is here to stay… You’ve probably noticed that the people in and around your business often have their attention glued to some handheld electronic device. You may actually also be like your customers in that respect. It’s hard to go anyplace in our society without seeing people openly using a mobile device of some kind.  The numbers are staggering (Click On Image to Enlarge):

mobile sms marketing stats

This mobile ‘revolution’ is no longer a trend to prepare for in business, it’s a present reality. It’s one that your company will need to adapt to quickly to make sure that customers don’t find it more convenient to do their business with competitors.

More than anything else, mobile devices are about convenience for the customer. They no longer need to sit in front of a personal computer to get the information they want. They can socialize using social media on their mobile device. They can entertain themselves by watching online videos on their mobile device. They can communicate and chat, both on their mobile device. In other words, everything that used to depend on consumer sitting someplace stationary in front of a screen, has been turned upside down by the revolution that has taken place with mobile technology.

What this means, is that you’ll need to make sure that your business is available to customers that choose to use their mobile device on a regular basis. This means everything from your website to your social media presence. You’ll need to assume that your customer is accessing the Internet from at-least two places during the course of the day. (Their mobile device and their personal computer)

And if you’re wondering where customers are likely to be spending the most time in the future, the best bet is to assume that this will be taking place on their mobile device. Many statistics confirm the fact that consumers have not only determined that mobile devices are their preference, they’ve also made them a necessary part of their lives. This is evidenced by the fact that those that carry smartphone devices are known to keep them within arm’s length for 24 hours a day.

So here are some questions that you’ll want to be able to answer (hopefully with a yes). First, when customers come to your website using their mobile device can they easily access and find the information that they want? Is it easy for them to get directions to the location? Is it easy for them to find your telephone number and call you? Can they quickly find out whether or not you have the products or services that they want?

You’ll also want to make sure that the lines of communication are open with those customers that choose not to communicate in traditional channels. Mobile devices have opened the number of options that consumers have to be reached with a message. Some will choose to use their social media to communicate with business. Some will use their SMS text messaging system to communicate. Others will want to have the convenience of a mobile application. Have you determined which of these avenues most of your customers prefer to use?

If you’d like to investigate which of these options you need to implement immediately to keep your customers attention, click here.

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